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Kitchen Project

Posted : 05-08-2019 01:14

Please help us to safely cook healthy meals for the wonderful people in our care. 

Every day at the Mercy Home we feed up to 350 people. We ensure that everybody has a hot meal three times a day. We make sure that the meals are healthy and that they are made with fresh ingredients. The people in our care eat a balanced diet made up of fish, meat, carbohydrates and fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a new experience for our residents. Many of them previously had to beg for scraps of food to survive. A healthy diet helps to transform them into healthy, happy people. 

As you can see from the photographs, the kitchen that we are currently using is very basic. It is hard to produce all of the food efficiently. It is also a smoky and unpleasant place for our staff to cook. In the rainy season, large puddles form on the kitchen floor which is very unhygienic. The kitchen can also flood completely and become unusable. This is obviously a big problem as we have so many hungry mouths to feed. We want to build a kitchen which is safe, functional and hygienic all year round. 

We recently began a project to build a new kitchen. As you can see from the photographs, we got as far as building the skeleton of the building before we ran out of funds. We would really like your help to complete this project so that we can efficiently provide healthy meals for all of the people in our care and so that we can cook in a clean, safe environment. We would also like to build a bakery on the bottom floor of the building so that we can bake fresh bread for the children and adults in our care. 

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