1986 - 1988

Mathew Manuel and Molly married in September 1986 and decided to dedicate their lives to serving the poorest of the poor. They were working with the tribal mountain people of Anachal when the locals brought a sick old man to their house, in need of constant attention. Their love and care brought him new life. As the news spread, people brought more and more poor, sick and mentally disabled people to Mathew and Molly for care. Some villagers started to help them by contributing either provisions or material goods or with invaluable practical support. This was the humble beginning of Little Flower Mercy Home. 

1988 - 1992

The Little Flower Mercy Home Welfare Association was founded in September 1987 and registered in 1988. Mathew and Molly's family house, a small mud-building at Sengulam, hosted Mercy Home for 4 years. The hopes to buy some land finally materialized through Marie-Christine Vertadier from France. Thanks to her help 5 acres of land could be bought. 

1992 - 2002

The search for money continued and eventually there were enough funds available to construct one hall for 50 male patients and an improvised kitchen. Other realizations followed: One small hut for the ladies, one small office with a guest-room and one room for the children. 

2002 - 2003

More fundraising was necessary to start building a bigger hall for the male patients. The money from charities came in slowly to help with the proposed new hall which could house 60 patients. 

The male patients' house was completed in a simple way. There is only one hall which serves as dormitory, as centre for praying and eating, and for all other amenities. The accommodation and use of this hall is cramped and further improvements are necessary: a dining hall, chapel, medical equipment and a medicine room, and washing and drying facilities.


More fundraising was necessary to start building a bigger hall for the male patients. The money drops in slowly but the proposed improved new hall will host another 60 patients. The construction work on the new building for the girls was also started.


The construction of the girl's home was finished and the home was inaugurated in 2006. A Mini Bus for school children was sponsored by Farnham Rotary Club U.K. A home for women was opened though it is incomplete. By the end of 2007 a small Bakery started to make bread and buns to cater for the patients' and children's breakfasts. 


Accommodation in the male patient's hall is too cramped. Further improvements for the home would include a dining hall, chapel room, medical treatment room, a barber's room, and clothes washing and drying facilities. 

Our next plan is to acquire some land to build a home for the boys. Also to make a new kitchen for all cooking purposes. At present our very small kitchen is in a temporary shed. When it rains the water gushes into the kitchen, making it difficult to cook. So we need to change the kitchen urgently. Looking ahead we want to have some land to house the volunteers. That is our future plan.

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