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Little Flower Mercy Home has been accommodating the poorest people of India for 32 years. We have 4 assistance buildings (Mens’ Home, Womens’ Home, Boys’ Home and Girls’ Home). We currently have 130 men, all living in the same 4000 square foot  room. We are not able to fit them all into the space we currently have. Men come to us from the streets, usually delivered by the police as they are mentally disabled and a danger to themselves.  We care for them and make sure they have the right medication, a healthy diet and social interaction.   In the pictures below you can see how their life is with us: 

It’s pleasant to be at home!

The aim of Mercy Home is to give free shelter and service to the needy, to lead the abandoned back into the community and to restore the dignity and independence of the poorest of the poor.

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    • 130 mentally disabled men sharing 60 beds

    • Some sleep on the floor

    • No bathroom, men bathe outside with water from the well

    • Only 10 toilets

    • No dining area, all meals are eaten outside

    • Daily life conducted outside as there is no common area

    • All mattresses are over 24 years old +


We would really appreciate any help you can give us to make the following possible:

    • Update and renovate facilities in the Mens’ Home

    • Create a new sleeping area with new mattresses

    • Build bathrooms and update toilets

    • Create separate dining area

    • Install solar energy and rain water storage system

    • Create on-site Hospital Facility

Making a donation to any of the above projects would help us enormously. The upgraded facilities would enhance the quality of the men’s lives and help their mental stability even more.


The above project is estimated to cost 1,600,000 INR. 

Any help you can give to make this project a reality will help. If 300 individuals/groups/companies donated approximately 5000 rupees / 62€/ 53GBP we would be able to start work on this project in 2020.

Please help us to help others in need. We depend on donations to help the destitute.

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