Little Flower Mercy Home

A Shelter for poorest of poors

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Little Flower Mercy Home


Here at Mercy Home we greatly appreciate any help that is offered to us, especially volunteers. We have had volunteers from all over the world and we find that each volunteer offers something unique. However, we simply don't have enough volunteers throughout the year to help us with the massive work load. We offer a place to stay, food and the chance to get to know each resident of Mercy Home individually. We have found that once you become a volunteer of Mercy Home you become intertwined with our story and forge your very own chapter here in our little family. We look forward to hearing from you, please email us at

It’s pleasant to be at home!

The aim of Mercy Home is to give free shelter and service to the needy, to lead the abandoned back into the community and to restore the dignity and independence of the poorest of the poor.

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Little Flower Mercy Home

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+91 - (0)4865 - 26 31 92