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Little Flower Mercy Home

Detailed Concept


Little Flower Mercy Home Welfare Association is duly registered in 1988 under the goverment enactment known as Travancore-Cochin Literary, scientific and charitable societies registration act. Reg:No.1.38/88.

This association is divided into four Homes like Home for Girls, Homes for Boys, Home for women and home for men each home is registered under the Board of Control for the Orphanages & Other Charitable Homes. 

It’s pleasant to be at home!

The aim of Mercy Home is to give free shelter and service to the needy, to lead the abandoned back into the community and to restore the dignity and independence of the poorest of the poor.

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Little Flower Mercy Home

Name of the organisation 

Little Flower Mercy Home Welfare Association


Little Flower Mercy Home , Mother Teresa Nagar 

Sengulam P.O. 685565 

Chithirapuram (via) Idukki Dt. Kerala INDIA.


Phone Number: 

+91 - (0)4865 - 26 31 92

+91 - (0)4865 - 26 39 02

Foreign contributions of funds 

The Government of India has approved little flower mercy home welfare association as a charitable organization and eligable SWISS-TAG-HEUER-REPLICA to accept contributions from abroad by granting registration to it under the foreign contribution Regulation act. Foreign Contribution Please send to the following Bank Account

O.B. Cochin: SBININBB128


State Bank of India 

Little Flower Mercy Home Welfare Association

A/C No. 33863273766

IFSC - SBIN0008588 

PIN 685561 

Idukki Dt., Kerala, INDIA.

Legal holder of the children's project

The Secretary

Little Flower Mercy Home Welfare Association 

Mother Teresa Nagar 

Sengulam P.O. 685565 

Chithirapuram (via) 

Idukki dt., Kerala INDIA. 

Bank Account Number of Girls 

State Bank of India

A/c No. 33863368467.

(other details are the same as Little Flower Mercy Home)

Boys Bank Account Number

State Bank of Inida

A/c No. 33863367882.

Women account Number

A/c No. 338633368069. 

For India 

A/c No. 33863368310. 

Background of the childrens project

The modernization of India has effected the traditionally strong family life of its citizens. Breaking up of marriages and the number of broken families are growing in an alarming rate. The little children of poor families are the most effected. When the little kids find no love and affection from their parents they leave their homes and run away to the cities and towns. Some reach the hill station of Munnar, which is known because of its touristic attraction. In the past, Little Flower Mercy Home has picked up ten such children from the streets of Munnar. Since we don't have any provision or facility for the children to stay we admited them with great difficulty in different institutions for their education. Occasionaly we go and visit our children in the different institutions across the state of Kerala. In the last general body meeting of Little Flower Mercy Home Association, it has been unanimously decided to start a home for the education and upliftment of the homeless children. The association also plan to make a home for children.

To start the project

The childrens project officially started in june 2003. In the begining the admited children live within the premises of Mercy Home. Now we have do not have adequate facilities for more children we shall admit only a maximum of 16 children in the first year. The goal of the childrens project is to host up to 50 children once we have a suitable house. The present premises of Mercy Home are not suitable to build a childrens home since there are already resident 127 inmates. Now we have the building for the Boys and Girls. Each house admitted 50 children each. 

Educational facilities of the locality

We will admit children in the age between 5 and 10 years and enable them to participate in regular school-classes. There are 4 local schools in the locality, 2 primary schools and 2 higher secondary schools. The children have to walk the 2 kilometers to school or are transported by private rickshaws or jeeps. When the number of children increases we will have to purchase a small school bus.

The fullness of growth

The children who are coming to Mercy Home have a very poor familiar background. Most of them are unwanted and broken-hearted. We wish to bring them up to the fullness of life and growth. Fullness of growth means physical, mental, emotional and social enrichment, spiritual nourishment and acadamic education. We will work according specific programms for each child. Apart from the acadamic education we want to provide them with psychological counceling by experienced children specialists, yoga and meditation, special tution for each child as per its needs, sports and physical education, arts and music, acting and dancing and social activities for their own personal growth. The fundamental aim is to bring forth a well balanced person that can stand his or her own feet. And thus is able to enjoy the fullness of life which is a promise of God Allmighty.

Admission and eligibility of children

between 5 and 10 years old (at admission) boy or girl orphan child with only one parent child with very poor background, below poverty line child of prostitute child of leprosy-, cancer-, T.B.-, AIDS-patients, etc. drop outs from the schools due to various reasons The secretary of the Mercy Home Welfare Association will, after consultation with the childrens project-incharge and the council-members, decide weather or not a child can be accepted.

Outlook for the children's project

We hope to admit 10 children each year, so that the growth of the childrens house will go evenly until it reaches the maximal number of 50. Then we will accept new children according to the need and vacancy. 

Each year the facilities will have to be increased according to the number of children. We also need to appoint at least 5 residential staff to look after their needs. The monthly expence will be at least Rs. 2000/- (40.- Euro) per child.

Higher education

The project is not only aiming at secondary education but also for higher studies according to the childrens abilities and intellectual capacities. The education is aiming at a total transformation in their lifes. The adolescents shall be prepared for their future independence. A higher education is crucial for employment and settlement in life.


The success of the childrens project depends very much upon the generosity of generous sponsers. The project incharge and the staff members of Mercy Home are ready to bear any hardship to bring up the this project, so that many unwanted children's life will be made something beautiful for God. You and we are part of the divine plan of bringing Gods mercy to the little children. May the good Lord bless you for your generosity.

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