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New Floor for the Boys’ Home

Posted : 05-08-2019 03:47

Please help us to create more space for the 45 boys in our care.Currently we have 45 boys in our care.

The boys’ ages range from 6 – 16 years old.  At present, all of the boys are housed on the ground floor of the Boys’ Home. They all sleep in the same room and, as you can imagine, it is very cramped and noisy. 

We would like to add a new floor to the building. This would give the boys much more space and it would allow us to split the boys up into different age groups. This would mean that the younger boys would have their own area, away from the older boys. This would be very helpful as the younger boys could go to sleep earlier than the older boys without being disturbed. 

More space would also mean that we could add a dining area for the boys. They currently have to eat on the floor of the study room or outside on the gravel. A proper dining area would allow them to eat together in a civilized way. This would increase their self-esteem and improve their social skills. 

In addition we would like to add a drying shed to the top of the Boys’ Home. It is very difficult to dry all of the 45 boys’ clothes and school uniforms, particularly in the rainy season. This means that they often have to wear damp clothes to school which is very uncomfortable. It also means that a lot of the boys’ time is spent trying to dry their clothes. This time would be better spent studying. 

Please help us to make these improvements so that the boys’ can have the best chance of creating a bright future for themselves.

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