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Posted : 05-08-2019 02:57

Please help us house the 45 disabled women in our care.

At present, we have all of our female residents staying in the Girls’ House. There are 45 old and disabled women living on the bottom floor and there are 65 girls living on the top floor. This is a big problem. Some of the disabled women are severely mentally ill. They make a lot of noise and often soil themselves. The girls upstairs have to deal with these scary sounds and unpleasant smells. This affects both their sleep and their studies. 

The quarters where the disabled women sleep are very small. They also lack specialist facilities for disabled people. We would desperately like to improve these conditions by building a new home for the disabled women containing specialist equipment, beds and toilets. As well as improving the conditions for the disabled women, creating a new home for them would mean that the 65 girls would have more space to eat, sleep and study. In addition, we would also be able to split the girls up into different age groups. This would allow the younger children to go to sleep earlier without any disturbances. 

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